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Candle, meet flame~

February ended quietly, but March has more than made up for that brief interlude. Last week I attended four concerts (two on one day) in five days and three cities (Tokyo, Kumamoto and Sendai) … and I’m off tomorrow for one more in yet a different city (Yokohama). And then my parents come in and…… Continue reading Candle, meet flame~

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Tis the season

No, not that season. It’s chocolate season. That wonderful time of the year, during the run up to Valentine’s Day, when there is a veritable gauntlet of tasty chocolate out there, just begging to be purchased and devoured. Much has been written on the difference between Valentine’s in Japan and the U.S., so I’ll just…… Continue reading Tis the season

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Winter perfection

Winter days don’t get much better than today — sky of blue, nary a cloud in sight, 15 C, bearable humidity — which is why I was more than happy to walk to and from errand-running in Tenjin. And ever so often I’d look up and just grin (probably making those around me wonder what…… Continue reading Winter perfection

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Let’s all go to the movies

I haven’t been to the movies in quite a while now (two years? not since the over-long, over-obvious, boring as heck Interstellar), but I’ve recently signed up for Netflix again, and it got me thinking about my relationship to motion pictures…. I have a small confession to make, one that won’t come as a surprise…… Continue reading Let’s all go to the movies